Baseball/Softball Workout Routines

Baseball Batting Cages

Baseball/Softball Workout Routines

Here at Varsity Sports we offer batting cages to the typical baseball and softball player. We maintain a baseball batting cage and a softball batting cage along with a cage where you can practice live pitching with a coach or a friend, or just simply use a tee. A tee can go a long way in just allowing an athlete to focus on the techniques of their swings and then applying that swing to the live or machine pitching.

Baseball Santa Paula Batting Cages

It’s significant that baseball and softball athletes are practicing as much as possible, not only during assigned practices, but on their free-time or off season as well. A player’s success in the game usually comes down to how well they practice. As dreary as it may be to take grounder after grounder, swing after swing, and run through the bases, practicing your fundamentals is the only way to improve. Practice is more important to player development than it is to games. We understand that at the end of the game baseball and softball both come down to the accuracy of a players throw, the swing of a bat, or speed of one player crossing home plate.

1. Increase explosive speed: needed by base runners and players on the field.
• Single leg squat (20 seconds on each side)
• Burpee
• Side hip raise with oblique crunch
• Power skips
• Mountain climbers
• Lateral jump squats

2. Increase core strength and the power of your swing: swinging a bat requires an excessive amount of core strength and stability.
• Standing crisscross crunches
• High knee torso rotations
• Full body torso circles
• Toe touches
• Plank (30 second each) L/R side
• Russian twists
• Crunches

3. Build upper body strength: improves all aspects of your game.
• Chest flys
• Reverse flys
• Chest presses: underhand
• Narrow bent over rows
• Wide chest presses
• Wide bent over rows

4. Build fast feet and agility: easier to steal bases or slide into home.
• Mountain climbers
• Knee tuck jumps
• Russian twists
• Broad jumps
• Lateral jumps

5. Increase lower body strength: tones and strengthens your legs.
• Up and out jacks
• Bridge pulls
• Lateral burpees
• Side plank circles
• Up and overs
• 30 lunge pulses
• Quick feet
• Circle squats

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