Fitness Challenge

Fitness Challenge

Fitness Challenge starts February 1, 2018

Change your life in just 12 weeks at the Varsity Sports Training Facility with the #ChallengeYourself fitness challenge. For many people with manic schedules, getting to the gym can be a challenge in and of itself. But if you’re interested in making a commitment and going the extra mile than your going to want to join this challenge. During this 12-week challenge you will receive:

Nutrition Program
Our nutrition program is extremely easy to follow and requires no special foods. It is simply about learning to make better choices at the supermarket where you are already shopping.

Unique Workouts
During your 12 weeks no two workouts will ever be the same. You will experience different workouts, each designed to challenge members of all fitness levels while optimizing results.

Our Team
Our compassionate trainers and team members are dedicated to one thing thats your results!

Cash Prizes
Cash prizes for top 3 people in each category “Weight Loss” and “Muscle Gain”

Fitness Challenge T-Shirt

For everyone that has entered Varsity Sports #ChallengeYourself challenge, Nutrishop Oxnard will be at Varsity on Monday, Jan 29th to test your BIA (Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis) They’ll continue doing the testing at there shop in Oxnard on Tuesday, Jan 30th and then again at Varsity on Wednesday the 31st! Sign up at front desk and reserve your time, plus you will get a FREE Fitness Challenge T-Shirt so give us your shirt size and commit yourself to a better version of you!

Fitness Challenge T-Shirt
Fitness Challenge Womens Tank

Stay consistent and committed to your goals and dreams. Keep your goals in front of you and go after them! Challenge yourself and strive for greatness. Don’t miss out join the fitness challenge today.

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